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Know what is meant by faith in Allah, His angels, His books, His messengers, the Final Day and Predestination.
Arabic studies (Quran)


Perform all your obligations perfectly, so that they are accepted and rewarded.


Restore your heart to its original condition of being sound, containing no ailments or defects, ready to return back to your Lord.


Refine your persona by adopting the sublime Prophetic Character.

Why should you take Islamic Studies?

Rejuvenate yourself

Revive and refresh your spirit by learning everything you need to know about your obligations, drawing you closer to your Lord.

Teach your children and family

Be a guiding light for your immediate and extended family. Use your knowledge and understanding to ensure you and those around you are living a life of obedience.

Create a foundation for further study

Our Islamic Studies course is the first of three steps towards Scholarship. A student can work towards becoming a Community leader, Imam or Scholar.

Level up your deen with similar minded students.

Even're completely new to Islamic studies.

Even've thought "I'm too young or too old to study this now".

Even've struggled with Islamic Studies in the past.

Even think you don't have time.

Onsite sessions for those who live in Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Keighley and even Manchester.

Real transformations with real people

See how people just like yourself have taken Islamic studies to dramatically benefit their lives

Islamic Studies

Mother and daugher succeed together

Sanna and Umaizah, mother learns the essentials to teach herself and then crucially pass it on to her children and family.

Islamic Studies

Young adult gets a great start into Adulthood

Mahin gains an amazing foundation and start to his adulthood by learning many of the essentials of being a practicing Muslim.

Arabic Studies

Hafiz boosts his Arabic from easy learning methods

The easy to learn, catered at the students pace teaching allows Hafiz to improve his Arabic.

Arabic Studies

Samreen gains the immense blessings of understanding the Quran

Not just reading but comprehending and making even greater connections with the words of Allah (s.w.t).


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What makes Ihya College stand Out?

1. Excellent value programs

For example, our Islamic Studies course gives you high production value with qualified teachers, On-site/Online/On-demand access course study options, free source text books and welcome student packages. In addition for 2021 only, the Islamic Studies is discounted to £295 discounted fee (standard free is £395), thats 40x lessons, 4-Star hotel with free parking and refreshments.

2. Flexible learning options (On-site/On-demand)

Choose the study option that suits your needs. As well as the on-site study. Islamic studies course allows you to complete all of the essentials in just 38 classes (2 hours each).

3. Courses catered for all levels (Islamic studies)

For Islamic studies, are no formal qualifications required, the classes are for everyone. Easy to study and comprehensive, from children approaching maturity to older adults. Especially for individuals, parents and even families who want to improve their deen intellectually and spiritually at a fundamental level. Or even for those who yearn to become an Imam, community leader or even a Scholar and want to take the first practical step towards these goals.

4. Professional service and Qualified teaching

Academically sound instruction: From the facilities, teaching materials, teachers who especially can deliver knowledge in the modern context, time-table to the format of class delivery (on-site, online and on-demand options).

5. Welcoming enviroment and gatherings

Family friendly, easy learning program for young and older adults of all backgrounds, no pressure course. Meet other similar minded individuals - grow your social circle in a positive way.

6. Great on-site facilities

Convenient location - just off Keighley bypass, Great facilities - Professional Suite teaching room, Large and Free car park.

Learn Islamic Studies On-site or On-demand (recorded)





Via a video link



Facilitating knowledge

Nurturing the leaders of tomorrow

A Progression path to Scholarship. Ihya's College vision is to provide an effective and credible path to genuine Islamic Scholarship.

  • He was clear, concise and to the point. He addressed contemporary topics that we might find uncomfortable to discuss (eg relationships, sexuality), and clarified the position we take in Islam according to Divine Wisdom. Lessons were informative and interesting, and the level of interaction and audience involvement was perfect in order to keep focus. He encouraged participation and never made anyone feel a question was not worth asking or was too simple. I would encourage anyone to engage with his teaching as I felt it benefited me greatly.
    Sister H, 30, Doctor from Bradford
  • I would 100% recommend it. It was my first islamic course as an adult and I felt that you explained things really well and clear. Alhumdullilah I learnt alot and would definitely sign up to any other course you offer.
    Sabeena, 28, Teacher from Bradford
  • Ustad Muhammad Ali Alhamdulillah is an amazing teacher who helps everyone and anyone without judgment and i trust him to teach me about the deen, he has also helped me a lot because I myself struggle and feel shy talking to imams and scholars in case they dismiss my questions or make me feel im not a good Muslim…. Every class i have taken with Ustadji i have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much and always look forward to my classes.
    Rashda, 34, Breastfeeding Peer Supporter/Housewife from Halifax.
  • I would say Ustadh Muhammad Ali is a very understanding and knowledgeable teacher who is committed to what he does. Ustadh always puts in effort for his students and ensures that he explains every concept thoroughly, on a level that the students will understand. As a student I'd say that it's very important to keep up with the lessons and stay committed in order to make the most out of the learning. However Ustadh is always understanding and approachable with any issues we may have or difficulties that we face.
    Numaan Gulfraz, 19, Keighley, Software Development Apprentice
  • A very knowledgeable person who explains in detail and ensures a person is satisfied by the response provided. Ustaad has a very calm demeanor and shows empathy and respect to the students whom he teaches. He allows others to join the discussion and share their viewpoints before replying to the initial question. Ustaad has clear boundaries and has a humorous attitude after the initial few weeks. My time being taught by Ustaad was a fantastic experience and allowed my confidence to grow due to his approach. He answered every question asked with the upmost respect. Which was the complete opposite from my earlier experiences where I was scared to ask questions.
    Nomaan, 26, Primary School Teacher from Bradford.
  • If you want to learn from a teacher who gives you an answer which is direct and to the point, then consider learning from Ustadh Muhammad Ali. In the current world we live in we are drowned with the immense resources that are available to learn islam, which is great and at the same time every confusing. If you are someone like myself who's very busy with work and sadly may not have the time of going in details and learn different rulings regarding a matter and read various books around fiqh/ hadiths. It is best to turn to a teacher who will have the answer and guidance on what to do in different matters. Another thing that is good is that Ustadh Muhammad Ali is not shy to talk about topics that may be controversial in current society and we are told to just brush them under the rug. This is important for the next generations.
    Nisa, 26, Pharmacist from Bradford
  • I would say that you teaching style is very clear and to the point. You explain concepts in a way that anyone of any ability understands. You always leave with something when you teach. When you teach you make it very relatable by explaining things that happen in real life(I’m not sure how to explain this) . Your lessons are never boring. I was only 14 when I started the Islamic foundations course, you taught imam ghazlis letter to a disciple- it was the best thing I’ve ever been taught. Literally changed my life. I always recommend your courses to family and friends
    Maariya, 21, University Student from Dewsbury
  • That you are able to understand the cultural background of many youths and provide an Islamic response to issues that they can relate to. Its not a mere lecture, Islam feels more part and parcel of everyday life.
    Ifrah, 30, Teacher from Bradford
  • Do it! I have learned a lot. The lectures were neither too fast nor slow. He gave beautiful insides to topic that I partly knew but never thought about from that aspect and helped me to develop a deeper understanding in some Islamic concepts. I studied with him spirituality and he taught me things that I could implement in my life and I hope I am capable of doing so. I liked the script and was thankful that I was able to ask my questions and got always answers that satisfied me. I'm looking forward to learning again from him. Also as someone who is living in a place where there are not really people of ilm and no possibilities (that I know of) to learn on that level it's a blessing to have these kind of opportunities.
    Hikmet, 24, University Student from Germany
  • To ANYONE, of any age, background or level of knowledge, wishing to learn Islamic Studies from Ustadh Muhammad Ali, I would say stop considering it and take a leap of faith and just do it, because you don't realise how lucky you are and how lucky you find yourself being in a position to attend classes with Ustadh Sahib, as some of us are willing him to come teach closer to us outside of West Yorkshire! You will find it difficult to come across a more straight talking, authentic, knowledgeable and down to earth teacher who is able to deliver knowledge to all age groups from children all the way to seniors, in a very relevant, accessible and digestible way which is reflective of the akhlaq, modesty and manner taught by our Beloved Nabi, sallahu allayhi wa Aalahi wa sahaabahi wassallam. If you want to learn, he is willing to teach you. May Allah swt preserve, protect and maintain all of our gems of teachers and all of the Ulema, Allahumma ameen
    Farah, Manchester
  • I am from Huddersfield. I studied with Ustaad at Isnaad in Manchester. His teaching was passionate and he engaged well with his students. I remember looking forward to his teaching because he had a way of drilling into us important knowledge with some humor. Infact, I am wanting to study with him again with my 2 daughters once face to face teaching resumes Inshallah. Nothing can replace the value of being in the actual presence of a good teacher I've studied with a few amazing teachers but Ustaad is unique because he understands the issues of our youth and the pressures they face.
    Dr Shazia, GP, Huddersfield
  • Ustadh Muhammad Ali is an excellent teacher who uses a holistic approach in his classes. He coherently explains concepts and definitions with their explanation, but, more importantly, he contextualises them for modern-day society. His reflections are always insightful and make one stop and reflect. He is a highly approachable teacher, something that the Ummah needs in our young teachers, which meant if I was ever unsure about something, I didn't feel nervous or shy to ask him because he was positively receptive to any queries I had. He is passionate about the youth and we need more people like him teaching in the community.
    Bareera, 22, Occupational Therapist from Bradford
  • I did the foundation year which had module with Ustadh Muhammad Ali. His modules were my favorite because he was very thorough. He was straight to the point and didn’t sugar coat anything and gave the reality of things. He was very respectful and as a sister who attended, the Ustadh didn’t look at the women and lowered his gaze even when answering questions which made me feel very content Alhamdu’Lillah. Ustadh Ali is very knowledgeable and down to earth and shares his own life experiences and is young so can relate to a lot of society especially working professionals. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Ustadh Muhammad Ali and even though at BMC it was just a few modules with the Ustadh, doing a full time course with him would be amazing.
    Asha, 28, Primary School Teacher from Bradford
  • Learning with Ustadh is fun when it can be and serious when it needs to be. Every lesson for me personally was delivered to me on my level of understanding and to one which I needn't to ask for extra help. Ustadh is very approachable in Q&A's.... And doesn't make you feel bad for getting something wrong... Instead he questions his own methods of delivery to see where he could improve.
    Aftab, 29, Medical Student from Manchester


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